Spotlight on Botswana: Mozambique Fashion Week

‘Spotlight on Botswana’ is an initiative of the Botswana Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Cultural Development, in an effort to give designers from Botswana an opportunity to get exposure outside of its borders. The showcase focussed on three designers from Gabarone, Botswana – Phomolo Designs mentored by Black Thrash Clothing, LT Peculiar Couture and Rosetta Stones, who presented their collections to the media and buyers during Mozambique Fashion Week (MFW), which was held in Maputo on 4 to 8 December 2019. 

Umzingeli Productions, had the incredible privilege of producing and directing the show last December. Jan Malan, Executive Producer of Umzingeli Productions had the following to say: ‘I believe that each country is growing at their own pace, however they can become stuck in their various boxes. We need to create ways for designers to showcase their work across the continent. I believe that platforms like MFW, is certainly a great step in the right direction for achieving cross cultural pollination.”